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From the original Rashig Ring where short lengths of pipe, (length = diameter) form a  random Pack transfer media, a wide range of media have been developed to either.

a) Improve throughput and give contact to the inside of the pipe by cutting holes in the surface.

b) Increase the strength and surface area with internal and external ribs or by corrugating the surface.

Unfortunately, most of these developments have had the disadvantage of making the media more prone to blockage, particularly at the point where ribs join together. Blockage problems have greater relevance in biological filters where sludge and dead or dying bacteria can build up either to block or greatly reduce the efficiency of the packed bed.

With COMPAC the additional surface area and access to the centre of media is provided by joining together cylindrical sections, each of which is open at both ends and along one side. Half of the cylinders have the open side facing towards the centre of the media, the other half having the open side facing away from the centre. They are joined together on the tangent line of their openings in an arrangement which best maintains equal spaces between the surfaces of the media, to form an open, smooth shaped media with large easily contacted surfaces which are free from crevices.

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Available in 3 colours


Compac is a random pack transfer media specifically developed for Aerobic and Anaerobic applications in biological filters, particularly Submerged Aerated Filters.


It has an open smooth shape, with easily contacted outer and inner surfaces which are free from crevices.

The shape encourages sloughing off to remove excess bacteria and ensures continuous re-growth within the bed.



Koi Pond Blue Biomedia
Black Biomedia

              Compac 200  200SQM  Compac 300 300SQM

     Weight                    47 Kilo                           65 KILO

     Number                   11400                           38000  

Black Biomedia Koi Pond Blue Biomedia Clear Biomedia